POS REP is a mobile, proximity-based social network made expressly for the military veteran community. Short for Position Report, POS REP connects veterans who served together but more importantly allows veterans to discover local peers and resources in the palm of their hand.

The inspiration for POS REP is Sgt Clay Hunt, USMC (1982-2011). Clay Hunt served in the Marine Corps with POS REP Co-Founder Jake Wood and deployed in the same section to both Iraq and Afghanistan with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. Clay returned to civilian life deeply scarred with the mental and emotional wounds of war, and as a result, served as a leading national advocate for veterans with PTSD.

Clay moved back to Houston in late 2010 finding himself isolated, misunderstood and depressed. Tragically, Clay took his own life in March 2011. At the memorial service Wood discovered that within 15 miles of Clay’s apartment had lived 3 Marines with whom they had both served – Clay had in fact not been alone.

POS REP was developed to prevent the loss of another veteran to suicide.


Board of Advisors

Susan Selke

General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret)

General Wesley Clark, USA (Ret)

Michael Slaby, Obama for America

David Eaves, Code for America

Rehana Farrell, Guggenheim Partners

Wade Eyerly, SurfAir