Looking for another mobile app?

OSRS Mobile

Old School RuneScape has just launched the closed beta for OSRS mobile. This is a big deal. Old School on mobile will be the first cross-platform MMORPG. You can now take the same game you loved playing on your desktop with you, anywhere you go. Want to level up your herblore while earning OSRS Gold flipping items in the GE? Now you can do that while you are on the bus heading back from school. Jagex are taking "no XP waste" to a new level with this release.

LoL Sumo

League of Legends is played by tens of millions of people across the globe. Everyone is always looking for a competitive edge to move up the ranks. One mobile app that helps with ranking is LoL Sumo, this app has it all, from guides to feedback on your performance. Many players also buy league of legends accounts as they feel it helps them improve their gameplay when they practice on a new account. A combination of the phone application along with practice is sure to help players improve their skills!